The Wilson Trail is the newest of the four long distance trails. It’s 78 km long and only 15km run through non-park countryside. It has ten sections and 137 distance posts. 

You will walk in eight different country parks, and the trail will take you from south to north. You will start in Stanley on Hong Kong Island and you will end in Nam Chung Village in the New Territories only a few kilometres from the Chinese border. Wilson trail is a varied hike with highlights like Jardin’s Lookout, ruins of wartime defences, mountain streams, Amah Rock and stunning views.

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Section 1
Stanley Gap Rd – Wong Nai Chung Reservoir
4.8 km
This is a hike with many many steps it will go mostly up or down with a challenging start.
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Section 2
Wong Nai Chung Reservoir → Quarry Bay
6.6 km
The section is a shared start with Hong Kong Trail so it can be many hikers especially on the weekends. You will get stunning views over Happy Valley.
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Section 3
Yau Tong – Tseng Lan Shue
9.3 km
This trail starts at Lei Yue Mun Seafood District. You will have a nice view from Devil Peak and dont miss the funny sculptures on half way of the trail.
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Section 4
Tseng Lan Shue – Sha Tin Pass
8 km
Crossing mountain streams, old stone paved village path ascends into the hills. Deeper into the woods the village sound will fade away, the only sounds you will hear is the sound from nature.
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Section 5
Sha Tin Pass – Tai Po Road
7.4 km
The beginning of the hike is mostly on soil/path, but the later it will be on concrete pavement. After a few minutes hiking you will enter Lion Rock Country Park and you will have a easy long hike in front of you.
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Section 6
Tai Po Road – Shing Mun Reservoir
5.3 km
Most of this section is shaded and thru wooded area, it does not have the best views but it is a nice and relaxing hike where you can hear the sound of Hong Kong nature.
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Section 7
Shing Mun Reservoir → Yuen Tun Ha
10.2 km
This section begins its journey along the reservoir. You will hear constant bubbling of water from a nearby stream during a large part of this section, here is also one of Hong Kongs largest fresh water banks.
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Section 8
Yuen Tun Ha – Cloudy Hill
9 km
This section starts in Yuen Tun Ha, this is a challenging hike and it starts uphill with almost 2000 steps to Cloudy Hill (440m). It is a strenuous climb but the view you will get is worth every step!
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Section 9
Cloudy Hill – Pat Sin Leng
10.6 km
This is by far the most amazing part of the Wilson Trail. After the arduous Cloudy Hill Climb you are rewarded from here on with some of the finest hiking conditions imaginable.
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Section 10
Pat Sin Leng → Nam Chung
6.8 km
The final section of this trail. The hike offers you a panoramic view of the northeast and Plover Cove Reservoir, starling Island and Shenzhen.
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