Section 8 is something you get either you want it or not, when doing section 7. It’s not the best hike in Hong Kong but on the other hand it’s an easy hike. The whole hike is on concrete along a water catchment. You will have some nice views on this spacious trail.

Lenght: 5.5 km ( 4.7 on the GPS)
Difficulty: Very Easy (1/5)
Time: 1–1.5 hours
Elevation gain; 90 meter, elevation loss; 112 meter.
Distance posts: L076-L087

Startpoint – GoogleMap
Endpoint – GoogleMap

Highlights: A couple of nice picnic areas to stay for a short break.

How to get there: You will get here through walking section 7 from Tai O.

How to get home: The trail finish at the Khen Shau Road where you have a bus stop. You can take bus 11 or 23 to Tung Chung or 1 or 2 to Mui Wo.

Good to know
If you don’t own a pair of wings you will have to combine this hike with section 7