Lantau Trail section 1 stretches from Mui Wo Ferry Pier along the Lantau Road to the picturesque stone house in Nam Shan. You can also find some public toilets on the right side. The hike is an easy stroll and is actually just a transition to section 2. That said, it’s still a good warm up to the more strenuous and hard walk up to Sunset Peak on section 2.

Lenght: 2.5 km (2.2 on the GPS)
Difficulty: Very Easy (1/5)
Time: 30–40 minuts
Elevation: Gain; 110 m, Loss; 14 m
Distance posts: L001–L005

Startpoint – GoogleMap
Endpoint – GoogleMap

Highlights: This is a very easy and short section, that itself is the highlight hence you will reach next section in a heartbeat.

How to get there: Take the ferry to Mui Wo from Central.

How to get home: This section is more of a warm up to section 2. If you want to head back from section 1 you can take the bus 1,2, 3M or a taxi back to Mui Wo along Lantau Road.

Good to know
This section is a good combo to do with section 2 at same time