The Long Trails of Hong Kong
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Hong Kong is not just a busy city, 78% of Hong Kong’s land is protected and undeveloped.

Hong Kong’s Country Parks are filled with gorgeous scenes of calm blue lakes, and fluffy green hills.

There are lots of hiking in Hong Kong and you can go on for years without ever have to do the same trail twice. The most famous trails are the Hong Kong’s four classic long trails:

Hong Kong Trail
Hong Kong Trail is 50 km long and passes through five country parks on Hong Kong Island. The trail has eight sections, you can do them one by one or combine them. You can even do it in one go, a full day and exciting expedition.

Lantau Trail
Lantau Trail start and ends at Mui Wo. The Trail reaches both Lantau peak and Sunset Peak with stunning views. It’s very well marked and has a beautiful landscape. You will also pass The Big Buddha Statue in Ngong Ping and the old fishing village Tai O.

Wilson Trail
The Wilson Trail is the newest of the four long distance trails. It’s 78 km long and only 15km run through non-park countryside. It has ten sections and 137 distance posts. You will start in Stanley on Hong Kong Island and you will end in Nam Chung Village in the New Territories only a few kilometres from the Chinese border. 

Maclehose Trail
The MacLehose Trail is the oldest trail in Hong Kong, 100km long with 200 distance posts. It is named after Sir Murray MacLehose, the 25th Governor of Hong Kong, an enthusiastic hiker who established the Country Parks. The trail begins in Pak Tam Chung in Sai Kung Country Park, and ends in Tuen Mun in Tai Lam Country Park. It will take you from the east to the west in the New Territories. 

Page by page we have described each section of the four long trails.  Complete with maps and facts to make access easier and prepare you for the best experience.

Happy Hiking!