This section has almost no hard pavement. It’s a natural path surrounded by high thick trees which gives you a nice shade. It’s normally quiet and not so many people on this section. The trail continues on an easy level to finish at Aberdeen Reservoir Rd.

6,5 km (GPS 5,6 km)
Difficulty: Easy (2/5)
Time: 1–1,5 h
Elevation: Gain; Appx. 216 m, Loss; Appx 165 m
Distance posts: H026 to H37

Startpoint – GoogleMap
Endpoint – GoogleMap

Highlights: Lovely walk in natural terrain with glimpses of beautiful scenery. The way hiking should be. 

How to get there: Take any bus to Aberdeen terminus and walk to Tin Hau Temple and follow the road to the right of the temple. Turn left onto Peel Rise and walk uphill to reach Aberdeen Country Park.

How to get home:  Exit section 3 at Aberdeen Reservoir Rd and walk up the hill to Wan Chai Gap which is a short but a steep walk.

Good to know
This section is great to do together with section 2 or 4.