Hong Kong Trail is 50 km long and passes through five country parks on Hong Kong Island. The trail has eight sections, but some of them are good to do together with other sections.

You will start by the Peak Tower on Victoria Peak and end at Big Wave Bay. This trail is extremely popular with local residents for it’s unique combination and it has very well-marked paths. Along the way, it offers full views around Hong Kong Island and amazing scenery over reservoirs as well as an opportunity to discover the historical remnants. You will also pass some nice waterfalls, Jardine’s Lookout, Mount Butler, Tai Tam Reservoir and Dragon’s Back

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Section 1
The Peak - Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road
7 km
Starts at a hight point on The Victoria Peak and meanders down and round the mountain slowly.
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Section 2
Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road - Peel Rise
4.5 km
This section will take you to to Peel Rise and it is more or less just a way to get from the end of section 1 to the start of section 3.
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Section 3
Peel Rise - Wan Chai Gap
6.5 km
This section has almost no hard pavement it is a natural path surrounded with high thick trees which gives you a nice walk in the shade.
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Section 4
Wan Chai Gap - Wong Nai Chung Road
7.5 km
This section is mostly flat a easy pleasant hiking, great for families.
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Section 5
Wong Nai Chung Road - Mount Parker Road
4 km
This is the shortest section of Hong Kong Trail but probably the hardest one, it has two peaks and a total height of about 350m.
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Section 6
Mount Parker Road - Tai Tam Road
4.5 km
The first part downhill is paved and a fairly easy and a beautiful walk.
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Section 7
Tai Tam Road - To Tei Wan
7.5 km
This is again a paved trail that runs alongside a water catchment almost all the way. However it will offer you some wonder views of Tai Tam Harbour.
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Section 8
To Tei Wan - Tai Long Wan
8.5 km
This section is also called “The Dragons Back” it offers you a varied hike with both uphill and downhill and some kilometers of flat natural terrain hiking.
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