The first part downhill is paved and a fairly easy and beautiful walk. You will leave the paved track and follow a natural terrain path. This is a fabulous hiking with rocks and small rivers but unfortunately it will end too soon.

4.5 km (GPS 4,4 km)
Difficulty: Easy (2/5)
Time: 1–1.5 h
Elevation: Gain; Appx. 32 m, Loss; Appx 301 m
Distance posts: H060-H068

Startpoint – GoogleMap
Endpoint – GoogleMap

Highlights: Tai Tam Reservoir with it’s calm waters. The walk over the long stonework dam wall. Spot some of the wildlife in Tai Tam Park like turtles, butterflies and various fishes in and around the reservoirs.

How to get there: Take Mount Parker Rd uphill (around 3km walk) from King´s Rd in Quarry Bay or do it as a continuation of section 5.

How to get home: The end of section 6 will leave you on Tai Tam Rd. Take a short walk to the bus stop  (about 150m) to the right. Take bus no 14 to go to Stanley or Chai Wan or catch a taxi.

Good to know
This section is a good combo with section 5.