Section 2 is a little harder and longer than section 1, with lots of uphills and downhills. It is not particularly difficult, and has very well-paved concrete paths from start to finish.  However, the views are amazing and really worth it. You will pass the Surf School and the natural rock pools before you can take a stop at Ham Tin beach and have lunch. You will finish this section after you walked up the hill to Pak Tam Au.

13.5 km (GPS Distance 14.2 km)
Difficulty: Medium (3/5)
Time: 4-5 h
Elevation: Gain; Appx. 651 m, Loss; Appx 589 m
Distance posts: M021–H048
Maclehose Trail Section 2

Startpoint – GoogleMap
Endpoint – GoogleMap

Highlights: Amazing views over the coastline of Sai Kung with its many beaches of fine sand, most notably Tai Long Wan beach, and rivers that are very well-maintained.

How to get there: Most hikers continue from section 1 on to section 2, if you don’t – easiest way to get here is to take a taxi.

How to get home: Return is easy as section 2 ends almost right in front of a 94/96R bus stop.

Good to know
This section is a good combo to do with section 1. There are a couple of good, local restaurants close to M036. Great for lunch!